Cassava Flour


Cassava is a starchy tuberous root of a tropical woody shrub, used as a major source of food; mainly in tropical areas such as South America and many parts of Africa.
A whole food, cassava flour is made by blending the whole fresh cassava tubers, then drying and sifting. No chemicals or preservatives are used through our entire
production process.

It contains essential minerals such as copper and magnesium that promote health benefits. 

Cassava can also assist in reducing blood pressure, as it
is high in dietary fibre. Every cup of cassava flour increases your fibre intake by 4 grams.
Extremely low in salt/sodium, sugar and fat, plus totally free from refined carbohydrates and synthetic ingredients, cassava can also benefit those with diabetes and high cholesterol. 

Cassava is grain free, with a neutral taste and texture, so suitable for those on a paleo diet and is a good subsitute for almond  or coconut meal if needed. 

It can be replaced on a 1:1 basis with wheat flour in most recipes

Gluten free, Nut free, GMO free, Paleo. 
Origin: Tanzania / Australia 

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