Amaranth Seeds


This tiny-but-powerful super food is a high source of protein and is naturally gluten-free. But it also boasts some other impressive nutritional stats including a high lysine content. 
Most grains like wheat are short on lysine, an amino acid, but that’s not the case for amaranth. This makes amaranth a complete protein, because it contains all the essential amino acids.

Like quinoa, amaranth is actually a seed not a grain. When cooked it can take on a porridge-like texture making it a great nutritious option to start your day. 

This product has been independently tested and certified gluten free.


Origin: Peru

Nutrional Information
Typical analysis 100g

Energy 1544kJ
Protein 13.6g
Fat total  7.0g
 - Saturated  1.5g
Carbohydrates  58.5g
 - Dietry fibre 6.7g
 - Sugars 1.7g
Sodium  4mg
Potassium 508mg
Calcium 159mg
Gluten  #ND

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